Sewer Line Maintenance and Repair in Fairfield, ME
Serving Central Maine

Stanley’s Septic & Construction Offers Sewer Line Replacement

Stanley’s Septic & Construction offers sewer line maintenance and repair in Fairfield, ME, and serving Central Maine. Sometimes, there is no way to repair the sewer line. This could be due to tree roots, cracks, or age. The team at Stanley’s has been providing prompt sewer line replacement for over 60 years. Local residents regularly call on us to install, repair, or replace their sewer lines. Call us today at (207) 453-9819 for sewer line maintenance or request an estimate for replacement. A Stanley family member will always be there to complete the job.

Electric Snake and Video Inspections for Sewer Lines in Central Maine

If you believe that your sewer line has a clog or is damaged, call Stanley’s Septic & Construction. We offer electric snaking and video inspections for home and business owners in Fairfield, ME, and Central Maine. Electric snaking can quickly remove clogs from your line. Store bought options may not break up hair, sewage, and other debris that go down the drain.

Stanley’s Septic & Construction can also conduct video inspections to check on the state of the line. Video inspections can find clogs, cracks, tree roots, or other issues. We will be happy to inspect your lines and provide any needed repairs or replacement. We have the proper equipment to get any septic or sewer job done quickly and efficiently.

Hot Water Line Thawing & Jetting for Somerset County & Surrounding Areas

During cold Maine winters, you may find that you have frozen water lines. Stanley’s Septic & Construction offers hot water line thawing and jetting for Somerset County and the Central Maine region. We can safely and correctly thaw your water lines, keeping the lines safe and avoiding bursts or breaks. If there are other water line issues at hand, we can conduct a video inspection to solve the problem.

Contact Stanley’s Septic & Construction for Sewer Line Repair

When it comes time for sewer line repair, maintenance, or installation, contact Stanley’s Septic & Construction. As a family-owned business serving Central Maine, we put our customers’ needs first. We are available 24/7 for service, too. Give us a call right away or reach out online for an estimate.

Count on Stanley’s Septic & Construction for sewer line maintenance and repair in Fairfield and Central Maine.