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What You Shouldn’t Flush Down Your Septic System

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Stanley’s Septic & Construction helps you to understand what you shouldn’t flush down your septic system. Septic systems require close attention. Even the smallest damage can create big expenses for your home. There are a variety of materials that you should never flush down into your septic tank. Here’s a look at some of those items that you shouldn’t flush.


You Shouldn’t Flush Anything That is Not Biodegradable

Every time you flush anything into your septic system, it should be biodegradable. Do not send anything such as feminine hygiene products or diapers into your system. It takes a long time for these items to decompose. If you put enough of these materials into your septic system, backups can occur.


Do Not Put Your Food or Paper Towels into the System, Either

Whether you can’t finish dinner or are getting rid of expired vegetables, food should never enter your septic system. Coffee grounds can cause build-up of sludge in the tank. Composting your food can go a long way in protecting your septic system. Do not allow meat or bacon grease to enter the system. Paper towels may look like they’re flushable, but they don’t break down. This can make it challenging to run your septic system correctly.


Be Careful That Your Kids’ Toys Do Not Accidentally Get Flushed

If you are a parent, you know that kids’ toys can sometimes end up in the toilet. If toys end flushed in the toilet, that can create blockage of the water flow. There are toilet seat locks on the market which can help to prevent this problem.


Paint and Paint Thinners Do Not Belong

Paints and paint thinners are not good at breaking down in a septic system. They are also prone to destroy the good bacteria in the system. Not only do they not break down well, they contaminate the groundwater supply. Find alternate ways to dispose of these items.


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