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Signs of a Clogged Septic System

Stanley’s Septic & Construction Helps to Clear Your Septic Tank

Do you know the signs of a clogged septic system? Check out these tips from Stanley’s Septic & Construction in Fairfield, ME. If you own a septic system, you understand the value of quality maintenance to your unit. However, if you don’t know when the worst might strike, that could be a sign of big trouble. Here are some of the signs that your septic system may need attention.

Your Drain Runs Very Slowly

One of the first signs that septic tank owners may notice is their drains running very slowly. Keep in mind, however, that if it’s just happening in one room, the problem is local to that room. Your outlet pipes may be where the backup occurs. However, if you notice it all over, your overall system needs attention.

You Notice Bad Sewage Smells

Noticing bad sewage smells is a common sign of trouble. Overfilled septic systems produce strong, nasty smells. This is a sign that you have too much waste in your septic system. Do not allow your septic system to stink up your property. It can create an unwelcoming and potentially dangerous environment for you and those around you.

The Toilets Throughout Your Home Flush Slowly

Your home toilets shouldn’t flush slowly. This is how you know that your septic system is clogged. Call the trusted septic tank specialists at Stanley’s Septic & Construction right away. Waste could start flowing backwards through your septic tank system. Your system will need immediate pumping.

Water Pools in Your Yard

Inclement weather may cause pooling due to the elements. However, your septic system could also need attention when this happens. If it was the result of rain, that would evaporate. It’s normal after a strong rainstorm for water to stand. If you are not sure which is which, reach out to our trusted plumbing experts at Stanley’s Septic & Construction.



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