Septic Pumping

Do I Need to Pump My Septic Tank?

Stanley’s Septic & Construction Pumps Your Home Septic Tank

You may ask, “Do I need to pump my septic tank?” Stanley’s Septic & Construction in Fairfield, ME will answer this important question in this month’s blog. Septic systems with a tank are closed or off-grid structures. This means waste does not continue on to a local sewer system to carry it away.


There will be times when you need septic tank pumping to take care of your system. It’s critical for maintaining a solid, reliable septic system for your home or business. How often to pump the tank depends on different variables including how much you or guests use the system. Before guests arrive, we can offer more information.



Should I Pump My Septic Tank if I am Hosting Guests?

This depends on how large your gathering is and when you last had it pumped out. Pumping the tank can help reduce the stress on your leach field, giving wastewater more time in the tank. If a couple of years have passed since the last pumping, then it is time to schedule the service. You should also consider pumping services ahead of large gatherings and when guests will stay overnight.



What About Pumping the Tank After My Guests Leave?

If you pre-planned your septic tank pumping before your guests arrived, chances are your system is okay. If not, it’s worth it to get that taken care of after guests leave. Remember that the more people using your system, the more volume entering the tank. This can put the septic system at an elevated risk for bigger trouble.



When Do I Know That My Septic Tank is Full?

When foul smells come from the drains and you experience sluggish drainage, these are some signs. The backed-up drainage in your pipes is a telltale sign. If you are noticing this issue, call us to schedule professional septic tank pumping right away. Prompt attention can prevent serious damage going forward and save you money.



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