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Four Easy Ways to Find Your Septic Tank

Stanley’s Septic & Construction Helps You Find Your Septic Tanks

Stanley’s Septic & Construction in Fairfield, Maine, is sharing four easy ways to find your septic tank. If you have moved to a new home with a septic tank system, you may wonder where it is. There are a few simple tips that you can follow to help you find it. Finding it can be simple if you follow them. Check out My Backyard Life for more great tips and information on finding your tank.



Let Your Sewer Pipes Lead You on the Path to Your Septic Tank

First, find where your sewer pipes are and follow them in the direction they take you along the way. Traditionally, sewage tanks and your drainfield run in a parallel direction from your home. You can also find the pipe in your crawl spaces by locating a four-inch pipe leaving your house.



Get in Contact with Your County Government Office for the Information

Your county government offices will have records of a wide variety of jobs that happened on various properties. These will include building permits. This can tell you where your septic system was installed. It will have a blueprint of what came with the job.



Use a Metal Probe to Locate the Edges of Your Tank

This will be a reliable tool for finding the edge of your septic tank. If you can’t do that, you will need a shallow excavation, for which you will need a shovel. That should take place around the perimeter when you locate the lid.




Keep an Eye on Visual Clues First Before Trying Something Else

Look for either septic tank risers or cleanout ports above the ground. That will be one of the easiest ways to find it. Your building pipes are also a great tool to follow. If you find the risers, get them inspected for proper operation.


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