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Three Tips to Avoid Summer Septic Tank Backup

Stanley’s Septic & Construction is Ready for Your Septic Problems

This month, Stanley’s Septic & Construction offers three tips to avoid summer septic tank backup. If you are looking forward to the summer months, we serve the Fairfield area with our experience. Working together, we can help you avoid summer septic tank backup!


When the weather turns nice, you may have family and friends who come to visit with you. Such times means being aware of possible trouble with your septic system. Stanley’s Septic & Construction encourages our customers to stay aware of potential septic system issues.



Prepare Ahead of Summer Gatherings for Potential Problems

Summertime generally means greater usage of your home systems. Your kids are at home with school now being out for the summer. Friends and family are also more likely to pay a visit for a cookout during the warmer months. Outdoor events and parties are also common. Make sure the septic system is ready to handle the increased use. Call for an appointment with our trusted professionals for septic pumping and cleaning ahead of time.



Options for Landscaping and Plants with Your Septic System

If you plan to make a change to your landscaping this summer, consider the position of your septic system. Limit the ground over the tank and drain field to annual plants. Permanent plants, like trees and shrubs, can harm the structure of your septic tank system. For deep rooted plants near your structure install protective barriers.



Keep Heavy Vehicles Away from Tank and Drain Fields

Lawn mowers and other lighter tools are generally safe to use around your septic system. Vehicles and heavy machinery, though, can cause trouble for your system. Avoid using them around the tank and drain field. Avoid parking or driving cars, trucks, or earth moving equipment on your tank. This may make things more challenging hosting a summer party, but it can help save your system.



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