Easy Ways to Keep Your Septic Tank Clean

Easy Ways to Keep Your Septic Tank Clean septic tank cleaning

Perform Regular Pumping for Optimal Health Regular septic tank pumping is the cornerstone of septic system maintenance. Over time, solid waste accumulates in your tank, reducing its capacity and potentially leading to blockages. To keep your system in top shape, schedule a professional septic tank pumping every three to five years. Stanley’s Septic & Construction can […]

What You Shouldn’t Flush Down Your Septic System

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Stanley’s Septic & Construction is Your Septic System Expert Stanley’s Septic & Construction helps you to understand what you shouldn’t flush down your septic system. Septic systems require close attention. Even the smallest damage can create big expenses for your home. There are a variety of materials that you should never flush down into your […]

Signs of a Clogged Septic System

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Stanley’s Septic & Construction Helps to Clear Your Septic Tank Do you know the signs of a clogged septic system? Check out these tips from Stanley’s Septic & Construction in Fairfield, ME. If you own a septic system, you understand the value of quality maintenance to your unit. However, if you don’t know when the […]

Tips for Buying a Home With a Septic Tank

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Stanley’s Septic & Construction Knows Residential Septic Tank Systems Stanley’s Septic & Construction offers these tips for buying a home with a septic tank. Buying a home is one of the biggest investments that you’ll make. When you buy a house with a septic tank, those systems have their own unique maintenance needs. Knowing what […]