Septic System

Why Septic Systems Fail

Stanley’s Septic & Construction Can Help You Avoid Septic Failure

Do you know why septic systems fail? This month, Stanley’s Septic & Construction in Fairfield, ME discusses some reasons for septic failure. Septic systems are critical to many area homes and businesses. However, like everything else we use with great frequency, septic components can experience damage and fail to perform. Call us at Stanley’s Septic & Construction if any of the following occurs with your septic system.



Clogged Pipes Going to Your Tank Require Line Maintenance

When drainage happens very slowly or not at all, eliminate this by hiring a trusted professional to snake the line. This will help get rid of clogging in the line. Remember to flush only send human waste and toilet paper. Schedule an annual inspection of the septic system as part of line maintenance and repair.



Nothing Can Move Through the Inlet Tank

This is similar to when your line from the house to the tank backs up. You can check whether there is a clog if you have access to the inlet baffle opening. If you find toilet paper and other refuse, you may be able to move it through. However, be sure that you are careful or call to schedule our trusted professional for the job. While you may think it’s a simple remedy, sometimes there may be bigger problems.



Clogs in the Outlet Baffle or Effluent Filter

This problem can result in sewage in your home or business. The problem will normally surface around the septic tank. This is sometimes the result of the septic tank getting more water than it can process. If you do not have an effluent filter, tank pumping and cleaning may fix the issue.



Drainfield Breakdown and Failures May Be Why Septic Systems Fail

You may see sewage rising on your property as the result of a drainfield breakdown. When the drainfield fails, wet and soggy areas may develop above it or nearby. This could mean your septic tank system is at the end of its lifespan. It could also be the result of not having enough space for the amount of use.



Hire a Reliable Septic Tank Professional to Help Prevent Trouble

Yearly inspections are an excellent way to ensure you stay one step ahead of possible septic problems. Be sure to have the system pumped – normally every 3-5 years – and control water use. Failing septic systems can contaminate local well water sources. Contact our trusted septic professionals when you need help.


For effective septic services, contact Stanley’s Septic & Construction today at (207) 453-9819. Follow us on Facebook for more great information. We are happy to discuss with you why septic systems fail.